Privacy Policy

Gentil traders assured you that we care our customers and take the privacy matter seriously. You are our valuable customers and we will never share our customer’s personal data and details with anyone. You trust on us and we will never hurt our customers from anyway.

  1. Personal Information

We have only that information which our customers send us on the time of purchasing on our site. Your First Name, Email, Website and Comments are there. We don’t share your any kind of information with anyone or any third party/person. If you want to purchase something from us via credit card, it won’t be save your card number or information in our database. We will send your information on our PayPal website. We keep secret your sensitive information.

  1. Cookies

If you once clear your browser’s history cookies will also deleted from your system because these will be store in your system’s hard drive. Your IP addresses, Operating system and Browser’s version are shown by small files which are known as the name of cookies. That, inform us about your personal and sensitive data. The main purpose of cookies is site identity, when you will visit our site again.

  1. Email Confirmation

We will confirm your email by sending you a confirmation email that you will send us during the transactions. If you don’t delete our cookies it will be done that successfully.

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