Beauty Care Instruments.

Beauty Care Instruments. (BCI)

  • What are Beauty care instruments?

Beauty care instruments are used for the purpose of cleaning and beauty of the body’s visible parts like facial, hands and feet. These instruments played an important rule of this work.

  • Application of BCI

  1. Barber shops/Beauty salons/spas:


A barber is a person whose occupation is to cut, style and shave the men’s and boy’s hairs. A place where he performs his work is known as barber shop. These places are also known as the public forums, where male talk about some social and other issues in their waiting time period. On the other side barbers are known as the surgeons, they change the look of a person by changing the styles of beards.

The main and the important tool which is used in the salons/ barber shop is shears (scissors). Shears are used for hair styling. Every barber/ hair artist uses shears for cutting. If they have no scissors, they cannot perform their job. We need to join the salons and spas for Manicure and pedicure, cutting or shaving and other works related to hair art.

Spas are where the non-medical treatment are performed to make the body healthy (bathing with the fluid and mineral water). It is performed at day spa, destination spa and schools. We can get many other treatments like Aromatherapy, Bathing, Body massage, Hair and Waxing.

  1. Manicure & Pedicure:


Manicure and pedicure is a beauty treatment of nails and hands. It is performed at the home or salon/spa/parlor. It includes removing and pushing the cuticles, dead tissues and polishing of nails or hands. Without the beauty care instruments, one cannot perform any of these procedures. This is done by the Nippers, Files, Nail cutters and Nail Clippers. Every tool has great specification, and these tools perform their job with specific way. When these acts are applied on the feet, it is called pedicure. It is popular in the world among women. Some salons make some pictures and paintings on nails that are also the part of manicure and pedicure. It is done by different instruments. Each instrument has specific shape and specific use.

Some common things used during Manicure & Pedicure.

  • Acetone:

It is an organic compound with formula (CH3)2CO. It is colorless liquid use like a thinner. It is used with the solvent of mineral water, for removing the color on the nails and polishing.

  • Cotton balls:

Cotton balls are also known as cotton pads. These are used in medical and skin cosmetics. Usually people used them to stop the bleeding but in this treatment we use these balls for cleaning the surface with thinner.

  • Cuticle cream:

It is used after cutting and pushing the cuticles. Unfortunately, if any wound is appeared during the cutting and removing process, Cuticle cream is used as an ointment

  • Cuticle pusher/nipper:

It is used to cut and push the hard and rough cuticles of nails.

  • Lotion:

It is used to fix the dryness from the hands after washing and waxing.

  • Nail file:

File is used to fix the edges of nails and also for shaping the nails.

  • Nail polish:

This Polish is used for cleaning the nails and make the nails brighter and clearer. It has two types 1). Colorful Nail Polish: It has different colors and it used to make the nails colorful.  2). Colorless Nail Polish: It is only used to make the nails brighter and clean.

  • Towel:

Towel is used for drying the hands/feet after washing, for next treatment.

  1. Shaving:

    Young man shaving using a razor

The act of removing the unnecessary hair of body is known as shaving and it is done by the razor. Head and facial shaving are common for men. Barbers use blades for shaving. These blades have different qualities like iron and metals. Usually the girls remove their eyebrows and other facial hairs. They can remove hair by tweezers. Tweezers consist two levers (sharp head) which are joined with each other at the end. These levers are moved easily. When the heads of the levers are met/joined, the hairs are caught in the mid of the lever’s head. Women commonly use it at home for plucking (hair removing) purpose.

  • Top 5 BCI
  1. Cuticle Nail Nippers.


Some people use this tool only for trimming dead skin and pulling the hangnails. It is not the right use of this appliance. The actual use of Cuticle nippers is to trimming and cutting the cuticles which grow around the nails. It is a simple way to remove all the cuticles. Sometimes cuticles are rough and dry, we feel pain to pull them and it causes a little bleeding. We can easily remove and cut them with nippers without any bleeding and pain instead of just pulling them. It is an easy and safe way to cut and removing of cuticles.

Cuticle nail nipper is usually made with the durable metal such as stainless steel. This equipment is designed with two handles that fit in the palms of the hands. It has two metal jaws with sharp edges at the end of the handles. Those sharp edged jaws are used for cutting and pulling the cuticles and roots. These jaws are almost one inch deep or a little lesser.

The cuticle nipper is usually used during spa treatment of feet and hands. Some people who prefer to enjoy manicure or pedicure at home instead of parlor/spa, use these instruments at home. Therefore, Cuticle nippers are ideal for this purpose.  They are necessary part of Beauty kits as the kits are not completed without it. It is made with the durable and unbreakable material.

  1. Barber Shears.



The main and important gadgets for hair dressing are shears (scissors). It is specially introduced for hair cutting. It is also known by the name of scissors, barber shears, hair cutting shears, hair shears and hair dressing shears. These shears are sharper than the scissors which are used commonly. It has two blades that are sharp and long. These blades are almost 5 to 7 inches (13 to 18 cm) long.

It has two rings at the end for gripping which are designed in such a way, that our fingers just slide in and out easily and the shears swing around fingers easily. It gives more control during cutting.

  1. Nail Clippers & Cutters.



Nail clippers are used for trimming the nails of hands and toes, and it is also used to trim out the hangnails. These pruners are usually made with the stainless steel and sometimes with the plastic and Aluminium. It has two common varieties that are: 1): the plier type clipper and 2): the compound lever type clipper. Another famous type of Nail clipper is known as “File” used to fix the unshaped edges of nails. But in the plier shape cutter/clipper, it has no file or any extra equipment. It looks like the Plas apparatus. It has two handles and has two jaws on the end. Its handles give us the support to catch it and jaws help us in cutting the nails with its sharp blades.

It is the important and basic implement for manicure and pedicure and it is the easiest way of nails cutting. It is also the main and important part of beauty kits. It is also the easy way for people who don’t join parlor for manicure and pedicure. They cut their nails easily and in the most convenient way.

On the other hand, the compound lever clipper has long tail and it has an additional type which is known as file. This equipment is used to rub and fix the edges and it is also used to clean the nails. It is the most important instrument for people who enjoy manicure and pedicure at home.

  1. Shaving Razors & belts.


Razor is a tool which is used to remove the unnecessary hairs of body. It has a sharp blade for removing. The act of removing is known as shaving. It has two types: Straight Razor and Safety Razor.

Straight Razor consists of a fix sharp blade, and two scales. From two scales, the one scale is known as the blade scale and the other scale is known as the handle. The blade is rotated through the tang between two scales. These blades can be made by the durable and hard stainless steel which requires lesser stropping and honing, and has a longer edge. On the other side, blades are also made with the carbon steel which strop and hones quickly. When it is folded in its handle scale, the blade sets in the pins. Two pins are made in the scale that protect the blade from damaging. Handle scales are made of various materials like plastic, wood and bones.

There is another type of shaving razor. Both have same shapes and looks, but we use disposable blades in it. It gives us the facility that we have no need to strop and hone. This razor is usually used in the spas and barber shops.

  1. Thinning

It is also the type of barber shears but it is different from others. The main difference (between shears) is blade. Other scissors have two straight blades. It also has two blades, one blade is normal like other scissors/shears, but the other blade has several teeth (from 7 to 40 teeth) which are used for styling and it gives the shapes to hairs.

There are three types of thinning shears/instruments.

  • Blending and texturizing shear:

These scissors are manufactured for those who offer all round performance. This kind of shear has almost 25 teeth. About 40 to 70% of the hairs are cut within the one or two spin/cut.

  • Chunking thinning shear:

These scissors are for thick and curly hairs. These are especially made for the bulky hairs and for removing the chunks of the head hairs. Their numbers of teeth are almost 7 to 15. They have much wider gaps and can cut 40 to 80% hairs.

  • Finishing thinning shear:

These have more teeth than the others (first two). These have less wide gaps in their teeth. The cuts of this shear are not visible as compared to other thinning shears. It gives the awesome finishing to any work performed on the head.


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